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The latest status is automatically updated when the spec changes. To see the list of recent checkins, look at the tracker page. Update status...

What's the relationship between the WHATTF and the HTML working group at the W3C?

The W3C HTML working group and the WHATTF are working on the same specification, with the same editor.

If you want to join the HTML working group, we have summarised the steps needed to join the HTML working group. We encourage everyone who has an interest in HTML to join the group. The more prominent members of the WHATTF have all joined the HTML working group. We have invited the HTML working group chairmen to the WHATTF as well, in the spirit of cooperation.

Who can join the Web Hypertext Application Technology Task Force?

The working group mailing list is an open subscription public mailing list and anyone is welcome to contribute.

The focus of this working group is limited to technologies that will need to be directly implemented in Web browsers. It is not the right forum for very domain-specific proposals that would not be suitable for implementation in, for instance, Safari, Firefox, or Opera.

For more details, see our charter.

Queries should be directed either to the mailing list or to Ian Hickson, who is acting as a spokesman for the group.